HIM – Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice (Acoustic Bonus Disc) (2010)

Alternative / Rock / Metal
Ouça: Myspace


1. In Venere Veritas (Acoustic)
2. Scared To Death (Acoustic)
3. Heartkiller (Acoustic)
4. Dying Song (Acoustic)
5. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) (Acoustic)
6. Love, The Hardest Way (Acoustic)
7. Katherine Wheel (Acoustic)
8. In The Arms Of Rain (Acoustic)
9. Ode To Solitude (Acoustic)
10. Shatter Me With Hope (Acoustic)
11. Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo) (Acoustic)
12. Like St. Valentine (Acoustic)
13. The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness(Acoustic)

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