The Ataris - Live at the Metro (2006)

Punk Rock

Ouça: Myspace

01. Unopened letter to the world
02. 1-15-96
03. i.o.u. one galaxy
04. So long astoria
05. Between you and me
06. Your boyfriend sucks
07. Song 13
08. All you can ever learn is what you already know
09. Someday
10. The saddest song
11. The boys of summer
12. Astro zombies
13. 1-15-96 (Acoustic)
14. My hotel year (Acoustic)
15. The hero dies in this one (Acoustic)
16. Fast times at dropout high (Acoustic
17. A new england (Acoustic)
18. What's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding (Acoustic)
19. San dimas high school football rules (Acoustic)


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