Ozzy Osbourne - Singles Collection Vol.3 (2011)

Heavy metal / Hard rock
Ouça: Myspace


01. Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays) (with Bill Ward)
02. Jack's Land (with Bill Ward)
03. 'Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail) (with Ol' Dirty Bastard, DMX, Crystal Method)
04. Vertical Man (with Ringo Starr)
05. This Means War! (Iron Man) (with Busta Rhymes, E.L.E)
06. Who's Fooling Who (with Tony Iommi)
07. Stillborn (with Black Label Society)
08. Masters Of War (with Mountain)
09. Crucify The Dead (with Slash)
10. Life Won't Wait (Edit, LP version)
11. AT&T - Ozzy Osbourne Interview
12. I Just Want You (Live '96)
13. Mama, I'm Coming Home (Live '96)
14. Crazy Train (Live '96)


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