Flop - Whenever You're Ready (1993)


Flop formed in 1989 when vocalist and guitarist Rusty Willoughby and drummer Nate Johnson left the group Pure Joy and joined up with guitarist Bill Campbell from Chemistry Set and bassist Paul Schurr from the Seers of Bavaria. After releasing a terrifically melodic, driving punk-pop album, Flop and the Revenge of the Mopsqueezer, on Frontier Records, the group was signed to Epic Records and produced an equally catchy major label debut in Whenever You're Ready. Apparently, Epic was not ready for Flop, and dropped the band shortly after their tour supporting the record. Now back with Frontier, Flop's sound has an extra edge to it, making the band's brand of dry-witted, intelligent pop that much more intruiging.



01. A. Wylie
02. Regrets
03. Julie Francavilla
04. Pluto
05. En Route to the Unified Field Theory
06. A Fixed Point
07. The Great Valediction
08. Mendel's White Trash Laboratory
09. Z² + C
10. Sorry Henry Maartens
11. Night of the Hunter
12. Port Angeles
13. Eat
14. Woolworth
15. Pts. 1 & 2
16. Need Retrograde Orbit


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