The Cure - Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities 1978-2001 (2004)

Alternative / New Wave / Post-punk

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01. 10:15 Saturday Night (B-Side Of Killing An Arab)
02. Plastic Passion (B-Side Of Boys Don't Cry)
03. Pillbox Tales (B-Side Of Boys Don't Cry Re-Release)
04. Do The Hansa (Extra B-Side Of Boys Don't Cry Re-Release 12")
05. I'm Cold (B-Side Of Jumping Someone Else's Train)
06. Another Journey By Train (B-Side Of A Forest)
07. Descent (B-Side Of Primary)
08. Splintered In Her Head (B-Side Of Charlotte Sometimes)
09. Lament (Flexipop Version) (04:36)
10. Just One Kiss (B-Side Of Let's Go To Bed)
11. The Dream (B-Side Of The Walk)
12. The Upstairs Room (Extra B-Side Of The Walk 12")
13. Lament (Extra B-Side Of The Walk 12")
14. Speak My Language (B-Side Of The Lovecats)
15. Mr. Pink Eyes (Extra B-Side Of The Lovecats 12")
16. Happy The Man (B-Side Of The Caterpillar)
17. Throw Your Foot (Extra B-Side Of The Caterpillar 12")
18. New Day (Extra Track On Half An Octopus 10" & Quadpus 12")
19. The Exploding Boy (B-Side Of Inbetween Days)
20. A Few Hours After This (Extra B-Side Of Inbetween Days 12")
21. A Man Inside My Mouth (B-Side Of Close To Me)
22. Stop Dead (Extra B-Side Of Close To Me 12")


01. A Japanese Dream (B-Side Of Why Can't I Be You?)
02. Breathe (B-Side Of Catch)
03. A Chain Of Flowers (Extra B-Side Of Catch 12")
04. Snow In Summer (B-Side Of Just Like Heaven)
05. Sugar Girl (Extra B-Side Of Just Like Heaven 12")
06. Icing Sugar (Extra Track On Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Orange Vinyl Bonus Disc)
07. Hey You!!! (12" Extended Remix B-Side Of Hot Hot Hot!!!)
08. How Beautiful You Are (Extra Track On Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Radio Sampler CD)
09. To The Sky (From Fiction CD Stranger Than Fiction)
10. Babble (B-Side Of Lullaby / Fascination Street)
11. Out Of Mind (Extra B-Side Of Lullaby 12" / Fascination Street 12")
12. 2 Late (B-Side Of Lovesong)
13. Fear Of Ghosts (Extra B-Side Of Lovesong 12")
14. Hello I Love You (Unreleased Psychedelic Mix)
15. Hello I Love You (From Elektra CD Rubaiyat)
16. Hello I Love You (Slight Return Mix From Elektra CD Rubaiyat)
17. Harold And Joe (B-Side Of Never Enough)
18. Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix B-Side Of Close To Me Re-Release Closest Mix)


01. This Twilight Garden (B-Side Of High)
02. Play (Extra B-Side Of High 12")
03. Halo (B-Side Of Friday I'm In Love)
04. Scared As You (Extra B-Side Of Friday I'm In Love 12")
05. The Big Hand (B-Side Of A Letter To Elise) (04:53)
06. A Foolish Arrangement (Extra B-Side Of A Letter To Elise 12")
07. Doing The Unstuck (Unreleased 12" Version)
08. Purple Haze (Unreleased Virgin Radio Version)
09. Purple Haze (From Stone Free: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix)
10. Burn (From The Crow OST)
11. Young Americans (From 104.9 XFM Compilation)
12. Dredd Song (From Judge Dredd OST)
13. It Used To Be Me (B-Side Of The 13Th)
14. Ocean (B-Side Of The 13Th)
15. Adonais (B-Side Of The 13Th)


01. Home (B-Side Of Mint Car)
02. Waiting (B-Side Of Mint Car)
03. A Pink Dream (B-Side Of Mint Car)
04. This Is A Lie (Ambient Mix B-Side Of Gone! / Strange Attraction)
05. Wrong Number (P2P Mix Extra B-Side Of Wrong Number)
06. More Than This (From The X-Files: The Album)
07. World In My Eyes (From For The Masses: An Album Of Depeche Mode Songs)
08. Possession (Unreleased 2000)
09. Out Of This World (Oakenfold Mix - Unreleased 2000)
10. Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix From Maybe Someday Promo Only CD)
11. Coming Up (Extra Track On Japanese & Australian Versions Of Bloodflowers)
12. Signal To Noise (Acoustic Version - Unreleased 2001)
13. Signal To Noise (B-Side Of Cut Here)
14. Just Say Yes (Curve Mix - Unreleased 2001)
15. A Forest (Featuring Earl Slick) (Mark Plati Mix - Unreleased 2001)

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