HammerFall - Masterpieces (2008)

Power Metal
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01. Child Of The Damned (Warlord)
02. Ravenlord (Stormwitch)
03. Eternal Dark (Picture)
04. Back To Back (Pretty Maids)
05. I Want Out (Helloween)
06. Man Of The Silver Mountain (Rainbow)
07. Head Over Heels (Accept)
08. Run With The Devil (Heavy Load)
09. We're Gonna Make It (Twisted Sister)
10. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest)
11. Angel Of Mercy (Chastain)
12. Rising Force (Yngwie Malmsteen)
13. Detroit Rock City (Kiss)
14. Crazy Nights (Loudness)
15. När vindarna viskar mitt namn (Roger Pontare)
16. Flight Of The Warrior (Riot)
17. Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row)
18. Aphasia (Europe)

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